Dr. Hassan Ayariga ready for Presidential Election 2016


The flag bearer and Chairman of the All People’s Congress(APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga had a press conference earlier today at the party’s (APC) Head Office in Accra. Below are what he read to the media during the event.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, this is my second meeting with you – the inky fraternity, ever since I received on behalf of our great Party –the APC, the Final Certificate to operate as a fully fledged Political Party in the Country from the Electoral Commission on the 22nd April 2016. As members of the fourth estate of Government you play a crucial role as a useful vehicle in the dissemination of information from the Government as well as from the Political Parties to the populace. Your presence here is therefore of utmost importance to us in the APC and also to the Nation generally. May I therefore seek your indulgence to cordially welcome you all to this press conference.

The storm is now over and the question on the lips of sceptics as to whether Dr Ayariga could found and lead a Political Party now belong to history. The purpose of this meeting Ladies and Gentlemen, is to appraise our numerous supporters about the way forward for our Party the APC. Dr Nkrumah once said that the Independence of Ghana was meaningless if it was not linked up with the total liberation of Africa. I, Dr Hassan Ayariga say that the granting of a Final Certificate to the APC to operate as a Political Party in Ghana is meaningless if the majority of Ghanaians still continue to live in poverty and squalor.

As a first step therefore, we are seriously building our Party and preparing it in readiness for Congress in all the Constituencies country wide in the immediate future. As I speak now, constituency elections have already kick-started since last Monday 25th April and will end on Saturday the 7th May 2016. Regional Executive Elections would follow immediately from Monday 9th to Saturday 14th May; that will culminate with our National Delegates Congress in Kumasi on Saturday 28th May 2016, where all our National officers including our Presidential Candidate will be elected. All elections will be supervised by Officers of the Electoral Commission. Nominations for Parliamentary Candidates will be open on the 6th June 2016. However, the date for the launch of our Parties Manifesto will be announced in due course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, simultaneously, we will also be embarking on a “Come on Board Tour” in all the ten (10) Regions as follows:

Ashanti             3rd and 4th May

Brong Ahafo     5th and 6th May

Upper West     7th and 8th May

Northern         9th and 10th May

Upper East     11th and 12th May.


There will be a break between Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May to enable me organise the final funeral rites of my late mother.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Thereafter, we will continue as follows:

Volta Region      16th May

Eastern               18th May

Central               19th May

Western             20th and 21st May


Now, somebody may ask why the need for a “Come on Board Tour”? As the saying goes seeing is believing. Seeing the APC being led by its young Leader sends a clear message to the youth that can do attitude is real and possible.

Our greatest challenge and goal in the APC is to work for the attainment of the well-being of all Ghanaians irrespective of their social, economic or birth status, by winning or making a serious impact in the upcoming November General elections in 2016. Our message of invitation to join the APC must go out to reach every nook and corner of the Country – hence the Come on Board Tour.

The two dominant Parties seem to have taken the Ghanaian electorate for granted and have relegated pertinent national issues particularly the Economy to the background as they continuously trade political insults at each other on matters that have no relevance to the National Economy. There is much talk about inflation reducing to the single digit and the Government prosecuting a Better Ghana Agenda while the other Party is preaching another Golden Age of business; the first of which died on arrival. The reality on the ground however is that of a never ending or a perennial high unemployment rate which has been with us for decades and sadly superintended by all the past Governments. This sad state of affairs continues to ravage the youth of this country with great despondency. Many businesses have grounded to a halt with even University graduates roaming the streets in search of none existent jobs. Armed robbery involving the youth is now on the ascendancy; all a direct consequence of a bad economic system.

Moral and religious corruption in our social fabric, political intrigues, economic injustice and personal vices have all become the order of the day as we try to outwit and outdo each other in dubious schemes which we label as business transactions in order to survive. An APC Government through our All inclusive Governance concept would bring back sanity into the society.

An APC Government with our down to earth Liberal socialist policies would re-engineer and overhaul our stagnant economic system that would bring all the euphoric lovers of our dear Country back home and on board; for us to revamp our economy and March forward to the Promised Land of economic prosperity. Ghanaians would truly capture the commanding heights of the economy under an APC All inclusive government structure.

Let me once again assure you that I, Dr Hassan Ayariga with my selfless and committed men and women in the APC, are here today to offer the good people of Ghana the sacrifice of a great and dedicated service unprecedented in Ghana’s history.

We therefore call upon the youth not to lose hope with this God given opportunity to contribute to the success of the APC. With the All inclusive Governance Concept, the APC stands to turn Ghana wholesomely round. We are therefore calling upon the youth and the good people of Ghana including those with progressive ideas, this is your Party. Come on Board.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I thank you for coming and urge you to continue to let the truth guide you in your daily reportage. There is no where cool on this planet Earth. Even though the economy is so badly mismanaged, there is still hope with the APC around. Desist from creating the impression that Hell is let loose in Ghana.”

God bless our Homeland Ghana

God bless APC



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Alhaji Umar Sulemana is the (DOOGO) chief Imam of the bole traditional area has ‘kicked the bucket ‘ some few hours ago in the bole traditional arae. Alhaji Umar was seen as the head and a chief of the traditional council in bole. He played a major role during prominent occasions(prayer,festivals,etc)

may his soul rest in peace. date for his funeral rites will be out soon.


IMG-20150821-WA0011,Alhaji Yussif Issaka Jajah is an ardent supporter and committed member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ghana with an unwavering passion to serve people. Mr. Yussif Jajah has been a member of the party since 1994 when as a young man he gained political consciousness to contribute to national development first as a volunteer at the grassroots level and later as a faithful party activist. He has always been of service to the people in his constituency and beyond through personal philanthropy, job placements and community support. Further, he played a major role in the 2012 general elections for the NDC party and President John Mahama as the National Coordinator of Zongo For Mahama (ZFM) from September –December 2012Mr. Yussif Jajah, together with other ZFM team members successfully executed the massive mobilization of all 338 Zongo communities across the country to vote for the NDC in the 2012 general elections. At ZFM, he led the national campaign team to develop an effective campaign strategy & plan, set campaign goals, and established an effective timeline for the organization. Also, as National Co-ordinator at ZFM, Mr. Yusif Jajah helped organize 126 mini rallies across the country during the short 3 month campaign period through which ZFM educated NDC supporters and members on how to vote correctly.

Hon Yussif Jajah started his education in Maamobi (Accra) at the Darul Hijra Islamic School. From there, he proceeded to the Accra New Town based Bethel “3” Junior Secondary School for his basic education certificate (BECE).
After his BECE, Hon Yussif attended the Accra High School for his secondary education, before proceeding to the University of Professional Studies, Accra for his undergraduate studies. Hon Yussif successfully graduated from the UPSA with a bachelors degree in Accounting.
In 2010, Hon Yussif was accepted by the Center for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) of the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom to study for his postgraduate degree. And in 2011, he successfully graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA International Oil & Gas Management)

He has contributed professionally to the growth and development of a number of private sector businesses in Ghana through financial analysis & accounting advisory services and was a Consultant for a year at to the Management and Productivity Development Institute (MPDI) in Accra Ghana on Oil and Gas, Energy and Petroleum economics and investment policy analysis. He also the National Treasurer and NEC Executive for National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) the 2007-2008 administration.

Roles played by Mr. Yussif Jajah for the NDC over the years include the following:

·         Head of results collation at the Ayawaso North Constituency NDC strong room for 2012 elections.

·         Member of the Transport committee for the NDC 2012 elections.

·         Member of the monitoring team for the 2012 elections within the Ayawaso East and Ayawaso North Constituency.

·         Chairman of the Ron Brown polling station in the Ayawaso North Constituency.

·         Polling agent for the NDC party in Ayawaso East Constituency in the year, 2008.

·         Polling agent for the NDC party in Ayawaso East Constituency in the year, 2004.

·         Polling agent for the NDC party in Ayawaso East Constituency in the year, 2000.

Polling agent for the NDC party in Ayawaso East Constituency in the year, 1996.

Hon. Yussif Jajah hopes for a change in Ayawaso North Constituency when he is voted into power.



A lot of women say they want a good and nice guy but usually end up dating the bad guys (same way men want the simple ladies but end up dating the “complicated” ones). And this is why it is usually so.

 Their Personalities Don’t Seem Genuine

The good guys appear too nice and good to be true. Ladies seem to think no one can be that nice unless they’re saintly or from heaven. Truth is the good guys are most times being busy acting too nice than being themselves. The natural instincts of women is to be cautious of this. The bad boys most times keep it real while the nice guys try as much as they may not to upset the ladies.

They Don’t Have Self-Respect!

Nice guys don’t have set boundaries as they would go all the way to please the ladies just as they fail to make any real demands from the ladies. On the other hand, a bad boy would really not allow a woman dictate the pace of the relationship or control him in anyway. Often times, women don’t respect men they can control and when they don’t respect you, they can’t be attracted to you.

They’re so Predictable Which Is quite Boring!

Truth is a lot of people actually live lives that are boring and predictable which makes them attracted to their opposites who are mostly fun filled, unpredictable and exciting. This is exactly what makes bad boys challenging and the nice guys not challenging. Added to the fact that the nice guys lack excitement and fun, a lot of ladies would rather opt for the bad guys.

Loving Bad Boys Is Part Of The Female Genes

Women are made in a way that nurturing is part of their DNA. They nurture almost everything

Women Like To Feel Needed

Everyone loves to feel needed and women are no exception. Most of the time, women see bad guys as people that need “fixing” and they usually end up making them their project. Some women are of the opinion that if they can create their ideal man, he won’t be able to leave them.Such women also feel that by helping to fix people around them, they are distracted from focusing on things that require fixing in their own livesaround them from children to family. They also often end up doing it with bad boys because they think living them would save and rescue them from their bad ways. On the other hand, women feel the nice guys rarely need saving as they are often times on the right path.

On  15th of August, a selected number of journalists (registered members of the Ghana Journalists Association) were awarded at the Banquet Hall in Accra.

The Ghana Journalists Association Awards seeks to reward outstanding journalists for their contributions in making the society a better one. The ceremony as attended by the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and chaired by Most. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante.

Here are the list of winners for the the 2015 Ghana Journalists Association Awards.gja

Seth J. Bokpe – GJA Komla Dumor Most Promising Young Journalist Award

Seth Kwame Boateng (Joy FM) Features on Radio – (Bloody land)

Seth Kwame Boateng – Features on Television (I shake I walk)

Gabriel Ahiabor (Daily Graphic) – (Energy self-sufficiency; village of Dadekokpe)

Gabriel Ahiabor (Daily Graphic) – Agriculture – (Watermelon not just water and sugar)

Joseph Opoku Gakpo (Joy FM) – Poverty alleviation (Millennium)

Abdul Moomen (GTV) – Human rights – (Killing the spirit of children)

Wendy Laryea (TV3) – Education – (The waiting is over)

Wendy Laryea (TV3) – Digital journalism – (From floor to desk)

Rebecca Awuah (GBC) – Arts and Tourism

Elvis Darko (Finder) – Courts and crime (One woman, two husbands)

Mabel Aku Baneseh (Daily Graphic) – Anti-corruption – (Rot at National Service Scheme)

Daniel Nanor (Chronicle) – Environment – (Galamsey)

Kwetey Nartey(Joy FM) – Investigative Reporting – (Red light beats)

Kwetey Nartey (Joy FM) – Narcotics – (Narcotic school boys)

Jamila Akweley (Daily Guide) Liquid gold best food ever

Zadok K. Gyesi (Daily Graphic) Small and Medium Enterprise (Unnoticed gold mining)

Samuel Adadi Akapule (GNA)

Della Rusell Ocloo (Daily Graphic) – Sanitation – (Ongoing battle with Zinginshor)

David Andoh (Myjoyonline) – Photography – (Two motorbikes in head-on collision)

Kafui Kaney (GNA) – Rural reporting; Child labour – (Kids abandon school)

Alberto Mario Noretti (Ghanaian Times) – Rural reporting – (Dabi dabi where no one dies)

Doreen Hammond (Daily Graphic) – Education (print) – (The state of libraries)

Samuel Kyei Boateng (Daily Graphic) News (print)

Ayele Ayittey ( TV Africa) – Disability ( Who leans sign language)

Nii A. Klu (GBC Obonu) Best Ga programme

Nana Konadu Agyemang ( Taxis as hearse)

Moses Dotse Aklorbortu (Daily Graphic) -Oil and gas (Oil rigs beg for decommissioning)

Felix Klutse ( Business Day) – Indigenous banks

Benedict Owusu (Joy FM) – Sports (Age cheating)

Rebecca Ekpe (GBC ) Local governance





The surest way for the New Patriotic Party to wrestle power from the National Democratic Congress in the 2016 general election, is for the leadership and entire members of the party to join hands to build a formidable team.

This was an observation made by the flagbearer of the party when some newly elected parliamentary candidates paid separate courtesy calls on him.

Building a formidable team in his view, is one of the surest ways the party can wrestle power from the ruling National Democratic Congress government, whose 7 year tenure in office, according to him, has been marked by incompetence, mismanagement of the Ghanaian economy, rising levels of unemployment, widespread corruption and worsening standards of living of the Ghanaian.

“Ghanaians are looking up to us to solve their problems. Therefore, we need victory in 2016 not for ourselves in the NPP, but for Ghanaians. We are the people who can change Ghana, and we can only do so if we build a formidable NPP,” he said.

Nana Akufo-Addo made this known when newly-elected NPP parliamentary candidates from the Odododiodio and Afram Plains South constituencies paid separate calls on him.

Nii Lante Bannerman, the NPP candidate for Odododiodioo, on Thursday, August 7, 2015, revealed to Nana Akufo-Addo that after winning the June 13 primary of the party, “the NDC is now confronted with a big challenge, because of my candidature.”

As a young man who hails from, and has deep local roots in, the constituency, Nii Lante Bannerman assured the NPP flagbearer that despite the seeming “big margins” between the NPP and NDC in the constituency, evidenced in the 2012 election results, “we will make Odododiodioo a formidable place for the NPP from now till the elections are held in December 2016.”

Accompanied by a large entourage of current and past party executives from the constituency, he indicated to Nana Akufo-Addo that he was already in the process of getting the rank and file of the party in the constituency firmly united behind him, and will stop at nothing to bring onboard the two other aspirants who contested him in the June 13 primary, Reginald Niibi Ayibonte and Nii Annan Tackie.

To this end, Nii Lante Bannerman assured Akufo-Addo “in the presence of my executives, that the NPP will win Odododiodioo in 2016.”
Nana Akufo-Addo, who addressed the delegates from Odododiodioo in the presence of the Greater Accra NPP Secretary, Nii Adjei Sowah; and Mustapha Hamid, his Spokerperson, thanked them for their presence at his Nima residence.

The NPP flagbearer revealed to the gathering that he had already spoken to other two aspirants and has urged them to throw their support behind Nii Lante Bannerman. This was met with rousing approval from the gathering.

“To overturn the margin in Odododiodioo in 2016 will not be an easy task. I believe it is, however, doable, if we work hard and are united. To the executives, please, help Nii Lante Bannerman, whether you supported him or not. The primaries are over, and it is the tradition of the NPP that we always rally behind the winner, once the contest is over,” he said.

Akufo-Addo reiterated his appeal to NPP members to desist from resorting to the use of the media in airing out grievances pertaining to internal party issues, saying that “If you have any issues, please let us do it indoors. Let’s bring the talk of the NPP in the radio and in the newspapers to an end.”



In my two previous expositions, I reproduced in full the research and the exposure of Land Grabbers, Bill Gates and AGRA, and Monsanto.  Folks, despite all cries and yelling and resistance, they are slowly encroaching into our farm lands, poisoning pure seeds and now they are engineering the collective sanctioning of their activities by many African Governments, including Ghana.  This is the time to let the Ghanaian people have a say and save our healthy breeds for human consumption in the continent.

On July 6th 2015, just a few days ago there was this massive convention to sell out Africa to these “Genetically Modified Seed Companies”; and Ghana was  represented at the table, despite several warnings to the Government.  Folks on July 9th, the agreement was ratified and Ghana was first to sign it.  Below, I want first to reproduce the warning and caution that was presented to President Mahama on behalf of the Ghanaian people.  Apparently John ignored it.

Red Alert! ARIPO PVP: A Dirty Deal In The Making, Is President Mahama On Strings?

July 6, 2015 by Food Sovereignty Ghana

An international version of Plant Breeders Bill is about to be imposed on Ghana by Ghanaian representatives. This fraudulent deal is about to be concluded on our behalf, today, Monday, 6th July, 2015, at the Mount Meru Hotel, in Arusha, Tanzania. This is a big deal. The Ministerial Conference of ARIPO, the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation, ARIPO, is billed to approve of a Draft Plant Variety Protocol which has been described as “one of the greatest thefts of natural resources in human history”.

Have the President and his ministers been hypnotized by the GMO lobby, by the G7, the US Embassy, USAID, its contractors, and Monsanto and friends? Are they deaf to to calls from the Ghanaian public? Monsanto is the premier poisoner of the planet. Monsanto and its agribusiness cronies want to control the agriculture of our entire continent. With this law Monsanto and the agribusiness industry can control all the seeds, all of what will be grown, what an entire continent may be able to eat, and whether it eats. Only those few farmers with money will be able to pay their prices for their seeds.

Considering the controversial nature of the meeting, especially its high profile and the intense lobbying activities being carried out by the usual pro-GM lobby, the USAID, G7, among others, it is safe to assume that either the President is in the know and approves of it, or he has lost total control over his Administration, and therefore, at least, incompetent, and or corrupt.

If, on the other hand, the President is not aware of the controversy surrounding the Plant Breeders’ Bill, or the ongoing attempts to impose it from outside if they can’t pass it in Ghana by means of the current Draft ARIPO Plant Variety Protection Protocol. then he is politically comatose, and unfit to rule. It is most alarming that this is happening without any public awareness and participation.

As strange as it may be, it remains our safest assumption that the President is fully aware of what is going on. We therefore demand accountability directly from him. And we call upon all the good people of Ghana to join us in demanding answers.

The ARIPO PVP Protocol

The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa AFSA, described the ARIPO Plant Variety Protocol (ARIPO PVP), as being aimed at creating “a harmonised regional plant variety protection system within the region in order to give prominence to breeders and place restrictions on seed/varieties protected under such a system. Such protected varieties are bred and sold to farmers through seed companies and other private entities and government/private led subsidy agricultural programmes. The main goal is to facilitate the capturing of control of seed so that private companies can make profits by forcing farmers to buy seed and pay royalties”.

Clearly, this is not different from the rejected UPOV-compliant Plant Breeders’ Bill, except that it is even worse. It has been described as UPOV 91+. The most stunning aspect of a conference whose decisions have such far-reaching consequences on all of us is the secrecy surrounding it. ARIPO is known for not being transparent, but even by ARIPO’s own standards, this conference has been the murkiest. There have been no public announcements, in the member states, no stake-holder consultations, no public awareness and participation.

The whole process has been as transparent as mud. As clandestine as a thief in the night, African governments, are being led by Ghana, are actively advocating the adoption of the ARIPO PVP Protocol! ARIPO is attempting to do to Africa, what our own Parliament failed to do to us, with the Plant Breeders’ Bill, thanks to a massive public opposition to it. And…, surprise, surprise, this has the active support of the Ghanaian government!

The question that naturally arises is what is the basis on which the government supporting such an international legislative project that has been overwhelmingly rejected in Gh ana? Who is Ghana representing at ARIPO? Are they representing the interests of Ghanaians or the wishes of their USAID lobbyists and multinational seed corporations waiting in the wings to reap huge profits at our expense?

A very bad deal indeed!

Everything that was bad about the Plant Breeders’ Bill is equally bad with the ARIPO PVP. They are both based on the UPOV 91 Convention. If the draft ARIPO PVP Protocol is to be adopted without changes, ARIPO and any ARIPO member that ratifies the Protocol can join UPOV 1991. This means that any member state of ARIPO can simply side step national consultation processes and ratify the ARIPO Protocol, and in doing so, give up its national sovereignty to a centralised decision making authoring, and further, become a UPOV 1991 member.

A recent study published in June 2015 , by the German Government, calls for the same recommendations we have been making for the past two years. The report indicates one of the key recommendations as: “Developing countries that have not yet joined UPOV should consider opting for alternative sui generis systems of PVP that allow for more flexibility in meeting the obligations of different treaties, for balancing the interests of diverse actors, and for protecting and promoting Farmers’ Rights, compared with the UPOV system.” (See: The UPOV Convention, Farmers’ Rights and Human Rights – An integrated assessment of potentially conflicting legal frameworks” (it is online and can be downloaded on the GIZ webpage:

The same points that were made against the Plant Breeders’ Bill remain valid with the ARIPO PVP:

“The Bill is modeled on the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants of 1991 (UPOV 1991) which a rigid and an inflexible regime for plant variety protection (PVP). It is worth noting that today out of the 71 UPOV members, only a fraction – about 22 developing countries are members of UPOV. Most of these developing countries (e.g. Brazil, China, Argentina, South Africa) and even some developed countries (e.g. Norway) are not members of UPOV 1991 but rather UPOV 1978, which is a far more flexible regime.

Ghana has full flexibility under the World Trade Organization (WTO) to develop an effective “sui generis” system for plant variety protection, i.e. to develop a unique system that suits its needs. In view of this, it is truly unfortunate and even irrational that instead of designing a PVP regime that reflects the agricultural framework and realities of Ghana as some other countries have done (e.g. India, Thailand, Ethiopia), Ghana is choosing to adopt and be bound by UPOV 1991 without any concrete evidence or impact assessment of the necessity and impacts of adopting such a regime.” (See: Ghana’s Plant Breeders Bill Lacks Legitimacy! It Must Be Revised!).

What Needs To Be Done!

As the Executive President of the republic of Ghana, President John Mahama has the power and responsibility to make sure that the right thing is done. We particularly encourage the media to start ringing people up to ask what is going on at the ARIPO meeting. And what is the government of Ghana up to there when it is unable to find consensus an a national PBR law that is based on the ARIPO Protocol. At the very least, we must speak out; embarrass them and even if they do not change their position, we will have a track record to continue to expose and to challenge them.

If what is going on is with the express consent of His Excellency, President John Dramani Mahama, The Executive President of the Republic of Ghana, then he clearly owes Ghanaians some explanations as to Ghana’s position on the ARIPO PVP and how representative of Ghanaians that is! Above all, the President must explain how this behaviour does not contradict his Oath of Office.

The only plausible explanation why African governments blatantly abandon their solemn Oaths of Office to promote the safety and well-being of their people, and rather choose the side of their exploiters, is because they think they can get away with it! We must all assure the President he shall never get away with this, if he does not put his feet down to ensure that this obnoxious protocol is revised!

For Life, the Environment, and Social Justice!

Edwin Kweku Andoh Baffour

Communications Directorate,

Contact: Tel: +233 249867238 / +233 207973808







YCG midyear meeting comes off this Saturday, 11th July, 2015 at the Akuaffo Hall Annex A TV room of the University of Ghana,Legon main campus.

1. Reading of previous minutes
2. Matters arising
3. YCG Constitution and out-dooring of new YCG logo
4. Volunteerism in Western Region
5. YCG Souvenirs
6. The way forward
7. Any Other Business

The presence of all members is required and new members are also welcomed.

Tell a friend to tell another friend.
Time is 2 pm

Kindly contact Miss Deborah for more info 0544914563

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